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Who are the Mundanes?

Mundanes, or normals, are regular people who don't generally believe in the supernatural. When they observe the supernatural, they forget, rationalize, or otherwise erase the experience, due to the mystical influence of something called the Shroud.

Who are the Edgers?

Edgers are people who straddle the world of the Mundanes and the Gifted. Edgers are limited in their Focus level, but can perform Ritual Magic.

Who are the Gifted?

Gifted are those who have fully embraced their existence as supernatural beings. They can grow as reality-bending beings, and eventually approach nigh godhood. Gifted can use both Special Abilities and Ritual Magic, and have a great potential in their Focus level.

Who are the Elements?

Elements are essentially gods, personifications of universal forces in reality. There are sixteen Domains of Chaos and sixteen Domains of Order, and Elements belong within one of these Domains. Elements are vastly powerful beings, and are rumored to control the Factions.

Why do Gifted join Factions?

For many reasons, but the top ones are mutual protection, access to occult knowledge, and shared philosophies and goals. About two-thirds of all Gifted belong to a Faction.

Who are the Others?

Others are supernatural beings that are not Gifted. Creatures such as Vampyres, Therans, Dreamers, Ghosts, Faeries, the Undead, and other beings are all loosely called Others.

What is Focus?

Focus is two things. First, it is the level of power the Gifted has attained. Second, it is the amount of reality-bending points of energy the Gifted has to spend. For example, a Gifted might have a permanent Focus of seven. This means he has seven temporary points of Focus to spend on things like casting Rituals or activating Special Abilities. All Special Abilities have a minimum permanent Focus they require a Gifted attain, before the Gifted can unlock that Special Ability.

Gifted regain Focus quite often. In fact, whenever a Gifted does something that affirms his existence or is enjoyable, he regains temporary Focus. They even gain some Focus back getting a full nights rest.

What is the difference between Special Abilities and Ritual Magic?

Special Abilities are "tricks" the Gifted has learned, in directly manipulating reality,. Special Abilities are very specific in what they can do, but they do so on a primary, metaphysical level. Ritual Magic is a form of reality manipulation that requires the practitioner to follow the rules of the magic belief system. In the World of Factions, all mystical belief systems are Ritual Magic systems, including real-world religions.

What is the Shroud?

The Shroud is a universal effect that insulates reality and provides flexibility to the cosmos. When a mundane encounters the supernatural, the Shroud protects the mundane's mind from insanity, and also keeps reality from fragmenting. The Shroud is, in effect, reality's immune system.